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I'm gluten no-Morgan!


Welcome to Blackbird Bakery. I am Karen Morgan and this is my gluten free virtual bakeshop, dedicated to providing gourmet quality recipes for food lovers that happen to be gluten free.


Named after the Beatles song, Blackbird Bakery is all about discovery, renewal and rebirth— and is the ever-evolving creation of my own personal culinary renaissance that began over a decade ago.


When I was told that I could no longer enjoy the homemade pastas, breads and pastries of my youth, I went through what most would call a gastronomic depression. The moment my doctor told me I had celiac disease, I was basically being told that I had to sacrifice my culinary heritage, and this was something I was just not willing to do.


This or something better is the spirit of Blackbird Bakery.


So I spent the next five years teaching myself how to perfect the art of gluten free baking and recipe development. This included living and baking in Nans Sous Ste. Anne, France, where I was the pastry chef for four months. Without telling the patrons of the Chateau, everything I served was gluten free and I got a standing ovation every night.


The standards of Blackbird Bakery are simple: all of my recipes have to be just as good, if not better than what came before, which means each treat has the same taste, texture and appearance as their gluten-based inspirations.


This or something better? I always choose better.


If you happen to be gluten free and you don\'t want to sacrifice your culinary standards, then have a look around and try your hand at one of my recipes, and experience gluten free like it\'s never been done before.

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