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I have had the great honor to bake some of my gluten-free confections for people that are not only recognizable, but have a tendency to make you take a second look. Here is a short list of the people I wish I could be in another life, but who have enjoyed my work in this one: Lady Gaga, Thom Yorke, Renée Zellweger, Ben Harper, Kelly Slater, Martha Stewart, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Laura Dern, Steve Aoki, Chance The Rapper, Willy Nelson, and Jennifer Esposito.

Paul Obester, California

"I have tried every commercially available bread and pizza mix and many home-blended flours. Yep..tried Bob's Redmill, Pamelas, Caputo "00", and what seems like dozens of others. I even was able to obtain a sample of the Dow Chemical MetroCel cellulose commercial additive. Nothing I have tried produced even close to a successful outcome.

In desperation, I decided to try the Blackbird Bakery mix I bought at the Expo in San Francisco. The result was beautiful! It was though the heavens had opened and a light shone on our table! After 18 months of searching, we had finally found a gluten-free bread that was not only "palatable" but actually just SPECTACULAR!

Thank you so very much for developing such a superb product!"

Katy Bounds, Manager of Lola Savannah and Pastry Chef at Jeffries, Austin, Texas

"Oh my goodness! Loved your samples...had to double check your website to make sure that they were truly GF. I don't think that there was anything we didn't like. Trying to wash it all down with coffee and a cigarette!

Joking on the smokes but seriously, good job."