Spiked Chocolate Decadence Cookies

When I was asked to contribute a recipe to the Cooking Channel's 31 Days of Cookies, well, I can assure you I didn't mess around. I went straight for the chocolate jugular and concocted a cookie that is as boozy and, as the name suggests, decadently gluten-free. I also included a recipe from my new cookbook, The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free, so you guys are getting the blue light special, as they say. Both recipes beautifully display the versatility of my revolutionary gluten-free flour blends, (which you can buy here or blend all on your own at home. As a single mother, I know how precious time is, and having options always make me feel safe, so I tried to think of everything for you) and show you how to include the spirits of the season in such a way that only make you look like a damn good gluten-free baker.

When it comes to baking with spirits, it's something that always gets me hot and bothered because there is nothing more exciting than including an ingredient that evaporates in the oven, leaving behind the clean kick that only Tito's Vodka can provide. What makes baking with vodka so exceptional is that it amplifies the main ingredient you are working with. In this case, it's the chocolate--and because there is some serious evaporation occurring, it enhances the exterior crunch, while tenderizing the center. Now how's that for incredible?

For the complete recipe, click on the link above to The Cooking Channel's post of my recipe for Tito's Gluten-Free Spiked Chocolate Decadence Cookies.