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Ice Cream Sandwiches

In Texas our summers are long. Very long. So long in fact, the idea of having an ice cream sandwich the first week of October is actually very appealing. So…

Linzer Torte

To say that the linzer torte is the first cake of kings is no exaggeration. Believed to be the oldest cake in the world, the first recorded recipe for a…

Raspberry Italian Meringue Tart

When it comes to looking at food magazines when you are gluten-free, there is nothing more frustrating than gazing at all those gorgeous gourmet images, wishing you could make it….

Gluten-Free Texas Pecan Pie

Every Thanksgiving, my family always has the following pies on the sideboard: pecan, lemon chess or buttermilk pie, pumpkin and cherry. My favorites seem to change depending on my mood,…

Blackberry Heart Sablees

This is a Valentine’s Day recipe that I posted two years ago, but it’s still so perfect and the heart shaped sablees are so adorable, I jsut couldn’t resist re-posting…

Gluten-Free Eclairs

I’ve been meaning to make these for some time now but with the onset of the holidays and the kitchen move, my baking schedule has been way-laid to say the…

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